Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Acrylic tinies

To my surprise, my old tubes of acrylic paint (bought in 2003!) are still alive. They are big plastic ones and could surely last for a few more paintings. I had a couple smaller metallic tubes, too, but those are bone-dry.

I tried them yesterday evening on these itty bitty (9x6cm) pieces of canvas. Fun times! I'm a lot more comfortable with acrylics' drying times as opposed to oils'. I still attacked the first two with a hair dryer, though.

I'm also realising that my scanner is not handling reds very well. I always have to colour-correct my scans, and it's always the reds that are most skewed.

Edit: here they are, sitting snugly on my desk shelf! :)


  1. Thank you, Niroot! :))
    I think it's a pity sometimes that I get my prettiest-looking images when I'm only messing around, whereas when I sit down and pay more attention to an image it turns out.. not so good!