Tuesday 28 September 2010

St. Never, in progress

Almost done... I think. Not too sure about the heavily textured background, though. It's supposed to be a highly stylized piece, but it looks kinda messy. The horse's legs need fixing, too; the hind ones are much thinner than the forelegs. I think in the next take I'll clean up the figure/horse VERY neat, with regular sharp outlines, and see how that will look against the busy background.

Friday 24 September 2010


A meant-to-be-quick sketch gone overboard! I aimed for a stronger style with this one, starker lines, less fuzziness. It's quite liberating.

And yes, that is my version of Commander Shepard of Mass Effect. It's one of my favourite games. :}

Mass Effect universe & characters © Bioware

References: from various in-game screenshots.

Close-up, 50%:

Tuesday 21 September 2010

Saturday 18 September 2010

Turian, in progress

I was itching for a dynamic piece, and to try out a new technique I'm trying to get comfortable with. It involves switching between low and high opacity brushes, and use of the lasso tool to achieve stark outlines. I suppose I'm a little jealous of the strong bold style common among guys in concept art circles. :p

So far, there's this:

A few random colour blobs have turned into a turian (Mass Effect universe). I think I'm fangirling. -_-

Lack of time makes for a peculiar kind of 'speed' painting: only a few minutes spent on it a time, but over a span of several days. I think I've lost the pacing needed already. :(


Will post a steps sequence once it's finished, along with any tips I've learned. :)