Thursday 28 October 2010

St. Never

I thought I'd never finish this... :)

Photoshop and Painter for this one. I used a few textures for the background (which was done mostly in Painter): crumbled tinfoil, painted surfaces, and a texture by Aegean-Prince and one by DianePhotos (many thanks for sharing!).

Tuesday 19 October 2010

sketchbook page + fluffheaps

I liked these two pages from my sketchbook. From Monday evening, some during transit. I was unspeakably tired.

Also, a bad case of unthinkies:

Friday 15 October 2010


Touched up an older quick environment posted in March: I think the water looks decent now, if a little frosted (which would be fitting for a Stygian-like river like this).

Tuesday 12 October 2010


From a mindless tiny pencil doodle drawn in February 2010, coloured in Painter and Photoshop. An earlier colour version can be seen in the March 2010 'Souls' post.

Original sketch:

Close-ups, at 25%:

Tuesday 5 October 2010

Fall-From-Grace, in progress

She crept up on me out of the blue yesterday afternoon. Succubi are like that, I understand. :p

For the uninitiated, this is Fall-From-Grace from Planescape: Torment (if you haven't played it, do: that game takes most fantasy clich├ęs and trounces them, hard). She's a strange succubus, in that she's lawful neutral, runs a Brothel for Sating Intellectual Lusts, and is a priest who doesn't believe in any god.

Some 45-60 min for this one as yet. She's slightly referenced after a photo of Ingrid Bergman.

Sunday 3 October 2010

Look up

From mid September, a very quick pencil/watercolour sketch. Fixed a portion of the sky in PS, though!