Wednesday, 9 December 2009


I've been lately populating the world with fluffheaps*. You can see a couple here, others will certainly follow (they breed like mad and in the weirdest of places: under the bed, the room corners, notepads, math notes...).


* they originate from this character from this painting. They're supposed to be little monsters growing out of the dust and fluff under my bed. They share in my geekiness, gawkiness and altogether silliness, general commentary and they carry affectionate messages.
They are often talk lolspeak, but it's not their fault.

Monday, 12 October 2009

Young A., work in progress

Working on Struggling with this these past few days.

It started as a study copying from this photo, randomly harvested from my old references folder. At some early point I wanted a drastic departure from it, and fell back into what I think is becoming a favourite practice, i.e. making various blends of features from different ethnicities. Why can't there be an imaginary ethnic group of people with asian bone structure and fair skin and hair? (--> And then I remembered that Uyghur people do look like that.

I'm a bit out of shape, though, and my whole approach is clumsy.

Monday, 7 September 2009 ChoW 171: Ti'phar of the Ararita

Rejoined last week; I've been watching the Character of the Week forum lately, and had in mind to make something for ChoW 171 - Ti'phar of the Ararita: some alien beauty with brains and political deftness, to keep the description short.

I made this initial sketch, but then had no more time to work on it until today's deadline, so it remains as such.

The featureless face probably screams of Starcraft's Protoss. Only that she has three legs. The tentacle hands emerged out of my difficulty with hands and fingers without reference, and stayed that way for the sake of alienness. My justification is that since they are meant to be an artistic/creative race, extremely mobile digits would serve them very well with complex/delicate tasks (a preference for complexity should reflect on her dress, though?). And the three legs are good for stability, I think, although not with much certainty.

Anyway, into the bucket of unfinished stuff it goes.

Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Older works

Some favourites from my older stuff (2006 - 2008):

CGSociety Daily Sketch 719: Roses are red, Guns are gunmetal gray

 Daily Sketch 727: Avatar war from hell

732: Stalker, two entries

736: White

 737: Self Portrait....As a Samurai

752: Where the Wild Things Are

1333: Deep Beneath the Sea

From the Open Figure Drawing Workshop, and Anatomy lessons: Tres cabezas de estudio by Sorolla

Innocent X by Velázquez

More head studies:

Other works: