Sunday 15 January 2012

2012 meagre beginnings

I suppose something is better than nothing!

Two VERY quick pieces I did this morning. Aisling, from The Secret of Kells (a fantastic animated film, I highly recommend it. It's a visual treat), and the Arishok from Dragon Age 2. I've been running a fever, and it was hard to focus (coughing and blowing one's nose while at it doesn't help, either). So I painted semi-blindly, and on the whole both these came out very spontaneously in subject as well as execution. 

I came across this while rummaging in my 'Quick' folder. A few touches and I suppose that's it. Wild red-haired girl holding something that tries to look like a Kalashnikov - I can't draw weapons to save my life. :p

Finally, some figure practice from earlier this week. Reference from M. J. Ranum's stock account. The skinny girl was interesting (read: difficult) to draw. The one with the wide hips (which I made even wider) - simply delightful! ;)