Sunday 30 October 2011

Apologies - watercolour

"What timeless hours must it take,
  writing my apologies,
  on these burning rocks,
  grazed by the dust and the wind and
  shaked by the storms and
  in ambiguous dismay or delight at a clear bright sky,
  my eyes hurt."

Quick illustration of a story-in-the-works. This one is not mine, but it also belongs to the Sunraze world.

Saturday 8 October 2011

Sunraze (watercolour)

Another take on the original Sunraze scene, this time in watercolours.

The result could be better (I suppose it will be a while before I get the hang of watercolours, barring any 'happy accidents'). The paper was not made to take as much water as I loaded it with, glazing after glazing. I will need to to improve my blending, too.

The tree figure was done a bit haphazardly: started with sepia first, then the reds, then I inked it a bit, and again sepia/red. I'm too used to adding the highlights on top, so I got confused. :}

Well, on to the next piece!

Monday 3 October 2011


I have been struggling with an art block lately. I have little motivation to sit in front of the PC and paint. I do try to force myself into doing so, but that kind of defeats the object. Pencil drawing holds little appeal, too (I used to do most of it during transit, but now I tend to read instead).

Last Friday, however, I got hold of a decent set of watercolours, and I've been genuinely itching to try my hand at using them. I think that might deal with the block!

I am still very clumsy, and I need better brushes, but I'm liking them very much.

The fluffheap tree is from a rougher pencil drawing I made this summer. I used tracing paper to transfer it on my watercolour pad (by tracing it on both sides of the paper and using one side like carbon paper). The necessary cleaning up was done on the fly. Inking was done with very diluted India ink (and a pen with an annoyingly scratchy nib).

 The landscape is a variation of a somewhat failed oil painting I started and abandoned about a month ago. Since then I got some insight on what went wrong with it, though, so maybe I should pick it up again, or redo it from scratch. Problem with oils: long drying times and the fact that turpentine, which would speed them up, disagrees very badly with me. I also feel that using a hair dryer is not exactly the next best approach. I should probably get some Liquin.

Lastly, this is the unfinished digital study (referenced from this photo) I apparently don't want to paint. I tell myself it's useful, learning to paint forests, but I don't seem to believe me. Why, self?!