Wednesday 22 June 2011

Week 20-25 sketches

I think the reason why I haven't been scanning my sketches lately (and I'm halfway through my newest sketchbook already!) is that I had a pile of books and, as of more recently, clothes, sitting on my scanner.

So I moved the pile of books and clothes to my bed. This was a strategic move: since I couldn't go to bed before putting them back onto the scanner, I stayed up scanning some twenty+ pages from my sketchbook. :p
These are all from mid-May until today. I put them in two bundles. One, sketches from the metro/bus/tram. Some are finished from memory/imagination, as people have the tendency to move away or get off at stations at inconvenient (to me) times. :)

The rest are all from imagination.

And a bonus: fluffheaps!

Monday 13 June 2011

Week 23 digital sketches

These are from last week (though the face may be from end May). A couple of minutes each, no reference. Which, in retrospect, I should have used. :p

I have a lot more pages in the sketchbook, but I have yet to scan them. The new sketchbook I'm using doesn't fold open too well, making scanning a bit more of a hassle. I'm thinking of getting a bigger one next time!