Thursday, 13 January 2011

Look back

Semi-quick portrait practice; Photoshop, about 3 hours altogether.

Reference from 0:42 in this video.

Not too happy about it, though. I wanted a starker, sharper look. I am also torn about the reds in the upper background.

Steps here:


  1. Great expressivity. The somewhat rough, textured rendering really adds to it. Also, I like the color scheme. Those reds, they do contribute to the picture, keep them... it would be a little cold otherwise.

  2. Thank you!
    I thought that without the reds the face looked warmer in contrast to the blue background... but you may be right: it would have looked colder overall. :)

  3. I absolutely love this piece! It's a combination of the expression and the texture that completely captures my attention. I wish I could make that face on command. No one would ever mess with me :P

    The cool blues contrast wonderfully with the reds in her lips. I also really like the shadow under her eyes- gives the impression that she's not just a pretty face, but someone with a personality.

  4. because really eye bags = personality. XD (seriously though, shadowed eyes change a face a lot)

    Thanks, Steph! Glad you like. I had actually tried to soften the expression at first, because it was too lethal. But now I kinda like it. ;)