Saturday, 27 November 2010

Cats like magic

Or whatever. I like cats, anyway. :)

Painter + Photoshop, but lost track of time with this one. I assume a little more than an hour.

I was thinking about this scene yesterday evening at the metro. I thought first of a fiddler on a roof (probably because I was listening to Gogol Bordello), and then of a cat on an opposite roof listening. But when I sat down to sketch it today, I couldn't get the composition right, so I cropped the cat side of the picture.

Painter is wonderful for such quick colour sketches, but on this computer it's misbehaving a bit. I particularly couldn't get Pepper Spray (one of my favourite tools for textured washes) to tilt properly. So I took the image back to Photoshop and fiddled (heh!) with it some more there.

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